Zardari expected to be October 28 in a case involving

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Zardari expected to be October 28 in a case involving

The Islamabad Accountability Court on October 28 indicted former president and PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari in a suspicious Rs 8 billion transaction case.

Accountability court judge Syed Asghar Ali rejected Zardari’s plea for acquittal and summoned him to the next hearing for indictment, according to the court’s decision, which was reserved earlier today.

The hearing is set for October 28.

Zardari submitted his plea for acquittal.
Today, the former president of Islamabad appeared before the accountability court and sought acquittal.

During the hearing, his lawyer Farooq Hamid Naik claimed that Asif Zardari could not be indicted in the case after the new NAB ordinance.

“In this example, my client was not charged with damaging the national treasury,” the lawyer said, adding that the case did not fall into the category of corruption or corrupt activities.

As a result, the lawyer argued that the accountability court did not have the authority to hear the case.

According to Zardari’s lawyer, Rs 150 million has been charged against his client in registered sale deeds and the amount in the case was paid through bank check.

He claimed that the bank checks did not belong to Asif Ali Zardari.

“First of all, can you tell me if this request is acceptable or not?” Questioned the judge

The lawyer requested the court to send a notice to the NAB seeking a reply, after which it would present its arguments on the matter.

Meanwhile, the judge has delayed his decision on the admissibility of the petition and said he would announce his decision soon.

The next government will be formed by the PPP.
After the appearance, Zardari told the media that his party would form the next administration in the country.

Asked how long the accountability process would last, Zardari said it would continue until the country’s economy came down further.

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