Why Should You Vote for Tameer Se Taleem?

IMARAT Group has initiated a novel petition titled, “Every School Going Child Deserves Basic Facilities” under their new campaign named Tameer Se Taleem.

What is Tameer Se Taleem?

Tameer Se Taleem aims to promote sustainable development goals in the construction sector of Pakistan. IMARAT kickstarted the project by making chairs out of wood waste present at their construction sites. The chairs were donated to an underserved school in Mehrabadi.

Every School Going Child Deserves Basic Facilities

IMARAT Group has put forward a soulful petition for a National Construction Waste Management Policy. The policy appeals to the Government of Pakistan to necessitate the entire construction sector to follow Tameer Se Taleem Model in waste management. Following are its major key points.

  • Formalize the reuse of excess construction material and waste present at nationwide construction sites
  • Necessitate all construction companies to provide building and facilitative support to the underserved school in their vicinity
  • Implement a proper framework for the construction waste disposal mechanism
  • Sets up donation centers for the collection of said material
  • Recycling workshops to recycle and reuse the donated material
    Why Should You Vote?

    You should vote for this petition because:

    1. Children in under-resourced communities will no longer gain an education while sitting on cold/hot floors
    2. With more votes, more industry partners will join hands expanding the project’s scope to incorporate more underserved schools
    3. The educational experience and learning capacity of children will increase with a more facilitative environment
    4. Construction waste will be reduced and the dilemma of landfills will dissipate to some extent.
    5. Land pollution will be controlled with stringent monitoring mechanisms over construction waste disposal
    6. It will make all future construction projects more sustainable and the development more inclusive
    7. With donation centers and recycling workshops for construction waste, more employment opportunities will be generated for underprivileged communities
      Change Comes from You:

    Your vote will strengthen the life of this project and help bring about real change in Pakistan’s schools, hospitals, schools and other public sector institutions.

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