TikTok will Let You Play Games on the App Soon

TikTok is planning to add HTML 5 mini-games to its video-streaming platform. The social media platform is working with third-party developers to bring them to TikTok. A TikTok spokesperson said:We’re always looking at ways to enrich our platform.

TikTok is working with Vodoo, Lotem, FRVR, Nitro Games, and Aim Lab to bring mini-games to the app. Users will be able to play these games inside the app and they will be discoverable through a creator’s video.

Mobile game developer Zynga partnered with TikTok to launch Disco Loco 3D. TikTok has now partnered with a lot more developers and studios. Once the feature is implemented, it will certainly give TikTok an advantage over its competitors.

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