Prime Minister launches a Rs120 billion subsidy plan

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Prime Minister launches a Rs120 billion subsidy plan

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the inflation rate in Pakistan this year was 9 percent, while in other countries the inflation rate rose to 50 percent.

“The media and the opposition should investigate whether the rise in prices in the country is due to internal factors or global inflation,” he said, referring to the Global Commodity Index.

Given the rate of global inflation, the Prime Minister stressed that experts must strike a balance in their analysis.

“However, the government is working hard and doing its part to control spending.”

Prime Minister Imran acknowledged that inflation was putting pressure on the people, but vowed that commodity prices would fall after the winter.

Economic strategy
The prime minister said the federal and provincial governments were working together to develop an economic development program for the poor.

“Over the next six months, we are launching a Rs. 120 billion subsidy scheme to help 20 million households, which will enable them to buy essential items like ghee, wheat flour, and flour from any of their local stores. ”

He argued that this would help them go through difficult times until global prices fell.

“What can I say about the opposition because the criticism is what they should be doing, but I urge the media to analyze the matter properly,” he added.

People will be able to get a 30% discount on three key items from any of their local retailers as part of a special support package.

He said that the Ehsas programs, which are handled independently, totaled Rs 260 billion.

The price of petrol
The Prime Minister said that due to the increase in global expenditure, the price of petrol would have to be further increased.

“If we do not increase the price of petrol, the country’s debt will continue to rise,” he warned, adding that “international oil prices have risen by 100 per cent.”

Prime Minister Imran supported his claim, citing the price of petrol in neighboring countries, especially India and Bangladesh, where he said the price of fuel was Rs 250 and Rs 200 per liter, respectively.

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