Polkadot Price Prediction DOT will maintain and surge by 20%

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Polkadot Price Prediction DOT will maintain and surge by 20%

Since the December 4 fall, Polkadot’s price has been stabilizing and showing signs of readiness to move forward. The DOT is expected to break this barrier and begin to rise as it approaches a key support level.

The price of polka dots is going up.
Due to the December 4 fall, the price of Polcadot reached a low of .3 24.35. Since then, DOT has made a variety of swing heights, but the swing loses are about .8 24.84. The DOT has tagged this level almost twice in the last eight days, indicating a double formation at the bottom and an upward trend.

As a result, investors should expect the price of Polkadot to rise. However, it is possible that the DOT will re-test the $ 24.84 support level for the third time in an unusual situation. The move would result in a triple-bottom setup, suggesting an even higher uptrend.

The price of Polcadot is the first hurdle in its journey to 29.54, which is about 14% higher than its current position of $ 26.01. After that, the DOT will test the $ 30.92 resistance level, indicating a 20% increase.

Polkadot could rise to $ 35.04 in a strong optimistic scenario with increasing buying pressure, indicating a 34% gain.

Although Polkadot prices appear to be improving around the .8 24.84 support level, the breach could cause concern for traders. However, the DOT will make a lower down if it lowers the swing below .3 24.35, which will hurt the bullish argument. The price of Polcadot could return to the immediate support level of $ 22.66 in this situation.

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