Pakistan’s First Female Safety App Iyzil Now Available on Google Play Store

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Pakistan’s First Female Safety App Iyzil Now Available on Google Play Store

Easel is Pakistan’s first women’s safety and security app that promises to influence the lifestyle of Pakistani women when it comes to protecting them from harassers.

According to the report, 93% of Pakistani women face some form of violence in their lives and eventually feel insecure. And this is where Isel will make sure that women are safe at home, work, school or college / university, or that they are shopping, traveling, in a medical emergency, or being harassed. Are Using this app, Pakistani women will always be safe. And safe.

In the event of a threat or incident, a female user may create a panic alert to notify her personal respondents (up to five friends and family) and Isel’s 24/7 professional monitoring service. Panic warning is done by using the buttons inside the app, pressing the volume button three times or shaking the phone.

Once alerted, the Easel Professional Monitoring Service will immediately contact the female user and ensure that the relevant emergency services (Police-15, Rescue-1122, Fire Brigade-16) are notified. In addition, all of his personal respondents will receive notifications about the incident and its whereabouts. In addition, a female user can stay in touch with her family and close friends without sending a single text without any smart and timely real-time notification.

Let’s make Isel a choice for all women in Pakistan to ‘feel safe’ and ‘be safe’. You can also download Easel from the Google Play Store with a 21-day free trial.

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