Now Users Can Edit Published Tweets and More by Using “Twitter Blue”

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Now Users Can Edit Published Tweets and More by Using “Twitter Blue”

Twitter’s new subscription service will give users up to 30 seconds to post their thoughts.

The social networking site Twitter has announced its long-awaited subscription service called Twitter Blue. And this paid service allows users to access special features, such as the ability to cancel a tweet for a monthly fee.

According to a Bloomberg report, “Twitter Blue, a new compensation offer will sell for 2.99 a month, and will help Twitter diversify its business as the epidemic highlights the risks of relying heavily on digital advertising. what happened.”

The new subscription product lead, Sarah Beckpoor, said in a statement: “The new offer is aimed at the customers who are our busiest, our most passionate super customers who really want to take their experience to the next level. ”

Twitter Blue’s product suite is being developed for the site’s 200 million daily users, a target pool that includes journalists, social media managers and people or organizations who use their pages for basic news.

Twitter is also building a dedicated customer service queue to offer to quickly resolve complaints and give users the option to “cancel” There will be time to do, as shown above.

Meanwhile, Twitter is planning to expand the service to add more features and benefits. The company is also developing other subscription and payment products that will enable popular customers to make money through their accounts.

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