Mobile Networks to Shut Down in Dozens of Cities on Muharram Holidays

Mobile phone services in tier 1, 2, and some tier 3 cities will remain suspended during 9th and 10th Moharram. This includes major cities like provincial capitals, and the tiers after that include smaller ones. ProPakistani has confirmed with sources.

Suspension of signals could start as early as 5am and may last up to 11pm. Several sensitive districts of Balochistan will face outages during the aforementioned time. This was decided during a high-level meeting on Friday.

The schedule for the outage could be diffident for various cities, depending on the law and order situation. Customers are advised to take precautionary measures to deal with the cellular outage in case of emergencies. Pillion riding has been banned in Balochistan from August 6 to August 16.

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