Mark Zuckerberg is trolled on Twitter by netizens when Facebook, WhatsApp are shut down

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Mark Zuckerberg is trolled on Twitter by netizens when Facebook, WhatsApp are shut down

Mark Zuckerberg’s personal fortune plummeted to more than 6 6 billion in just a few hours as a result of the shutdown of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, dropping him one notch in the list of the world’s richest people. Twitter, on the other hand, had a field day, calling for 59.6 million nuggets, while CEO Jack Dorsey questioned how much it would cost to buy Facebook in the open market.

The firm said, “Hey, literally everyone,” from its official Twitter profile, is provoking a cascade of memes, probably as a job at Zuckerberg. But, without taking anything personally, Instagram responded, “Hello and good Monday,” and WhatsApp responded with a wave. Taking the opportunity, Reddit asked, “How are you, Instagram social media manager?” In a tweet that openly advertised itself. “Can we suggest the first page of Reddit if you have any time, any time?”

In the heat of the moment, the trolls released hilarious memes and began sharing their love for Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg is trying to fix the WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook crashes

Even our local personalities joined in the cause. Actress Ayesha Omar replied, “Han bhai. Who is eating what and where? Who else is wearing what? Who likes what and why? Who said what to whom? And then what was their answer? Please tweet. So I can feel normal again. Then he shared his day’s Instagram photo on Twitter to make him feel ‘verified’. “I am posting today’s Instagram photo here. So I keep getting my approval, “Starlet wrote.

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