Infinix concept phone 2021 price in pakistan & Specification

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Infinix concept phone 2021 price in pakistan & Specification

Infinix Concept Phone 2021: Infinix has announced its first concept smartphone. Fast charging

The technology is built around an 8C battery, which is said to have an internal resistance of 18% lower than a 6C battery. According to Infinix, the supercharge pump that converts incoming voltage to battery voltage is 98.6% efficient.

Also, this phone does not go above 40C, but if the temperature rises, there are several safety features to prevent damage.

The concept phone also supports fast wireless charging up to 50W, though (unlike wired chargers)

In addition, the rear camera setup includes a powerful 135 mm diameter periscope lens and can expand up to 60x with digital zoom. It comes with an 8MP ultra wide sensor and the configuration is unknown for the rest of the cameras.

Since this is just a fantasy phone, we don’t expect it to go public. The exact release date and more details are still unknown and we will have to wait for the company’s future announcements regarding the Infinix Concept Phone 2021.

The color-changing features are the highlights of this Infinix concept phone.

Price of Infinix Concept Phone 2021 in Pakistan
The price of the latest Infinix Concept Phone 2021 in Pakistan will be updated here soon.

Here are the pictures of Infinx Concept Phone 2021.

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