Government not raise the electricity tariffs abruptly

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Government not raise the electricity tariffs abruptly

Federal Finance Minister Shaukat Tareen said on Thursday that the administration had no immediate plans to increase power tariffs.

In an interview with the US Institute of Peace under Washington, the finance minister said the administration would take steps to control inflation before raising electricity rates.

The Pakistani government is in touch with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on the issue, he said. Shaukat Tareen said that changes are being implemented to improve the country’s economy. To reduce the financial burden, he said, steps are being taken to privatize some of the loss-making state-owned companies.

He said that the administration has kept the country’s economy on the right track and predicted that Pakistan’s growth rate would reach 5 percent. Tareen noted that the government would soon receive the sixth installment from the IMF.

The Finance Minister stated that he wanted good relations with both China and the United States, adding that favorable relations between Pakistan and China should not affect Pakistan-US relations.

He said that instead of focusing on security, Pakistan-US relations should be examined from an economic point of view.

According to the minister, Pakistan wants cordial relations with all its neighbors, including India. He added that Kashmir was a point of contention between Islamabad and New Delhi.

Speaking on Afghanistan, Shaukat Tareen claimed that Taliban rule was a reality and that Washington should recognize that the Taliban needed humanitarian assistance.

If the rest of the world leaves Afghanistan, the nation could face the expected chaos, he added, adding that Pakistan would be the hardest hit.

According to Tareen, Pakistan has handled 26 of the 27 Action Items (FATF) of the Financial Action Task Force. Some nations are punishing Pakistan, he added, adding that if it were any other country, it would have been removed from the gray list long ago.

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