Gold prices jump by Rs850 per tola in Pakistan

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Gold prices jump by Rs850 per tola in Pakistan

KARACHI: The price of gold rose by Rs 850 per tola in Pakistan on Thursday despite a decline in the global market.

The price of yellow metal increased by Rs 850 per tola and Rs 720 per 10 grams to Rs 123,650 per tola and Rs 106,010 per 10 grams respectively.

The precious metal closed at Rs 122,800 per tola and Rs 105,281 per gram yesterday.

During the month of November, safe havens earned Rs. 5,300 per towel or 4.5%.

International gold, meanwhile, fell ڈالر 9 an ounce to 7 1,777 an ounce, as US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s remarks on the need to control inflation accelerated monetary policy and the metal Strengthened the forecast to counter the arrival of safe havens through Omicron.

Domestic and foreign investors are now awaiting the November employment data from the United States, which will be released later on Friday.

It is noteworthy that the price of gold in Pakistan is about 2000 rupees less than in Dubai.

Meanwhile, domestic silver remained steady at Rs 1,460 per tola and Rs 1,251.71 per ten grams.

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