FBR Inaugurate Track and Trace System to Control Sugar Refineries

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FBR Inaugurate Track and Trace System to Control Sugar Refineries

On Saturday, Shehzad Akbar, Advisor to the Prime Minister on Accountability, announced that the audit of 69 out of 89 sugar mills has been completed.

The adviser told a news conference that shocking revelations were made during the Sugar Inquiry Commission’s investigation, and that the action was taken in light of its findings.

According to Akbar, the Sugar Commission had imposed a levy of Rs 619 billion and a fine of Rs 44 billion on the factories. He said that a transparent investigation into the matter was necessary for fair accountability.

Courts have issued stay orders to some sugar factories. He said the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) was developing a system that would allow inspection of sugar mills, and that a track and trace system would be implemented before the next sugarcane crushing season.

Commenting on the Broadsheet Inquiry Commission, Shehzad Akbar claimed that the committee had indicated that the Pakistani government had not handled the matter properly from 2009 to 2018.

“An investigation is underway to determine who was negligent, and appropriate action will be taken.”

According to Shehzad Akbar, the prices of petroleum products are related to the international market.

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