ETH Price Prediction $5000 on the Horizon After a Ballpark Morning

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ETH Price Prediction — $5,000 on the Horizon After a Ballpark Morning

Ethereum had a mild start to the day, falling to a morning low of, 4,777.27 before rising.

Ethereum reached a new all-time high of $ 4,842.54 in the middle of the morning, avoiding the first major support level at $ 4,677.

Ethereum fell to the sub-$ 4,800 level after falling below the first key resistance mark at $ 4,886.
To try another shot at the first major resistance level at $ 4,886 in the afternoon, Ethereum will have to dodge the 4,751 axis.

Ethereum will need a lot of help to get out of its H 4,842.54 ATH this morning. The first major resistance mark at, 4,886 and the 5,000 barrier will potentially limit gains until the cryptocurrency continues to rise by noon.

$ 4,960 is the second major resistance level.

If it continues to climb until noon, Ethereum could hit a third major resistance level at, 5,168. If the price falls below the 4,751 axis, the first major support level will be tested at $ 4,677.

However, Ethereum should avoid falling below 4,500 unless it continues to sell until noon.

At, 4,543, the second key support level, the downside should be limited.

We saw the 50 EMA break out of the 100 and 200 EMAs this morning. Looking beyond the support and resistance levels, the 100 EMA also moved away from the 200 EMA, providing further support. Further expansion of the 100 and 200 to 50 EMAs will push the $ 5,000 level into play in the second half of the day. Returning via ATH4,842.54 in the morning will be important in the late morning and early afternoon.

If the price falls below 4,750, support levels below $ 4,600 may be available.

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