Decentraland Price Prediction 2021 and 2022 Can MANA Reach $5

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Decentraland Price Prediction 2021 and 2022 Can MANA Reach $5

In the year 2021, many interesting events have taken place in the world of crypto. Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, went public, and Cardano announced cooperation with African governments. Ethereum 2.0 is also in the works, and Binance is set to launch its NFT exchange in the near future.

De Santra Land is another blockchain project worth mentioning. As the first of its kind in the crypto realm, it has received a lot of media attention, especially from the BBC. Will MANA, the company’s local token, benefit from the frenzy in 2021? We’ll find out soon enough. Meanwhile, in our Decentraland (MANA) price forecast for 2021, let’s first learn more about Decentraland.
Decentraland is a blockchain based virtual planet that is completely virtual. Many people think of it as a role-playing game, but it can be much more than that. In essence, the game allows you to buy and sell virtual lands.

When you own a property, you have the freedom to customize it. Have you ever considered building a palace? Yes, of course! Do you want to create a difficult maze to test your friends? You are free to do so. Even non-fungal tokens (NFTs), which have recently gained a lot of traction, can be used in the virtual world.

Decentraland is run by a decentralized autonomous organization, which can be found in its core (DAO). It also has its own local token, MANA, which serves as the primary means of payment for in-game goods and services.

We can now move on to our Decentraland (MANA) price estimates that we have a basic grasp of what Decentraland is. Let’s not waste any more time and review the charts with me in our MANA price forecast.
Bollinger Bands are a type of band used to describe.
MANA reached an all-time high (ATH) of 1.66 yesterday. Will it surpass its previous performance to set the new ATH, or not? In this Decentraland (MANA) price forecast estimate 2021, we will find.
According to our chart, MANA has been growing rapidly over the last four hours. There were some candles that went above or below our trend line, but prices remained fairly stable.

Bollinger Bands (BB) also report that there has not been much fluctuation in recent times. This can be beneficial for corrupt bulls, who are always trying to break the pre-determined resistance.

If the current pattern continues, MNA may experience another ATH in the coming days or weeks. In addition, many merchants will continue to place purchase orders at the $ 1 psychological support level.
So far, our MANA traders have found the 4 hour chart useful. Would the macro view on the other hand agree? Let’s start our MANA price forecast in 2021 on our 1 day chart without further ado.

1 day MNA / USDT chart with EMA and SMA (Photo courtesy TradingView)
As seen in the graph above, MANA is constantly increasing. MANA has attracted the attention of crypto traders since the beginning of 2021, and we have seen a surge in this. Despite the decline, MANA’s pricing performance is still largely up.

However, we are already seeing a plateau in the roof. This could point to a significant resistance level at 50 1.50. Traders are also reducing holdings. To be safe, traders must carefully evaluate their positions over the next several days or weeks.

Thankfully, we’re still in alternate weather. To relieve MANA, more money may accumulate in the altcoin market. If the current rally continues, MANA could soon reach the psychological barrier level of $ 2. This can happen after three months of positive feeling.

MANA, on the other hand, is probably forced to go through a phase of consolidation. If the MANA corrects, traders should keep an eye on the Fibonacci retracement level near $ 1.20. If the bulls maintain this level and gain a lot of strength, the MANA may be stronger than before the strengthening phase. In 2021, at least $ 2 will definitely be on the table.


MANA is now on the rise, with prospects for stability in the near future. If the Bulls win, our estimated Decentra Land (MANA) for 2021 is estimated at $ 2. MNA could potentially target $ 3 in early 2022.

If MANA’s firepower is reduced in the coming months, the positive trend could change. According to our conservative estimates, the price of Decentraland (MANA) is expected to be between $ 1 and 20 1.20 in 2021 and 2022. If so, the answer to the question “Will MANA reach $ 5 in 2021?” Probably not.


Cryptocurrency Decentraland \ sToken MANA \ s price $ 1.43
$ 1,904,067,767 in market capitalization
گرد 1,327,372,145 in circulating supplies
تج 238,967,544 in trading volume
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Animal’s trade
Animals are happy to update their forecasts in response to current cryptocurrency market activity. May reach 46 2.46 by the end of MANA.

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