CNG Price hikes by Rs15 in Sindh

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CNG Price hikes by Rs15 in Sindh

In Sindh, All Pakistan CNG Association has increased the price of natural gas by Rs 15 per kg.

According to Ghias Paracha, president of the association, CNG will now be available at Rs 180 per kg.

Prices have been raised to reflect the continued currency value and rising LNG prices.

According to Paracha, the price of imported gas has increased by Rs 8 in Punjab and Rs 15 in Sindh till date.

“Sales taxes and the dollar have pushed up gas prices,” he explained.

Regretting the increase, the group’s president called on the government to reduce taxes immediately.

The government has increased the price of petrol.
According to the notice of the Finance Division, the government has increased the price of fuel by Rs 4 from October 1 due to increase in the cost of petroleum in the international market.

The statement said that OGRA has calculated the high cost of petroleum, but the Prime Minister has decided against this advice and has increased the prices of consumers to a minimum.

The government has absorbed the growing pressure of international prices by reducing fuel charges and sales taxes.

“It is important to clarify that fuel prices in Pakistan are the lowest in the region,” the notification claimed.

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