Best stocks before earnings. Netflix and Microsoft are highly recommended.

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Best stocks before earnings. Netflix and Microsoft are highly recommended.

Netflix stock (NFLX)
Evercore ISI added the stock to its tactical outfit list on Thursday evening, and Mahane said Friday that the company is at the beginning of what should be a favorable change in its business model.

“Online retail and online advertising complement each other.” For the past six quarters, online retail has been a rocket ship, and in the last four quarters, online advertising has been a rocket ship. “They have huge tailwinds, but I think they will turn into a small headwind,” Mahane predicted. “So you want to play companies that are far from it and that’s a great story going into the last half of the year – Netflix stocks and Uber top the list for the next two quarters.”

Netflix is ​​trying to enter the world of video games.
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According to Mahani, the strength of the “squid game” and the return show over the next two quarters are the reasons for the company’s boom.

“I think all AIDS will be strong here,” he predicted.

Netflix has grown about 11 percent since the end of August, surpassing many of its tech peers and a wider market in September, but Mahani believes there is still room for growth.

In recent days, Netflix has faced criticism from both critics and employees on the comedy special with Dave Chappell. Many people find the legendary comedian’s comments about transgender people offensive.

However, Mahane said the debate would not have much effect on the company’s stock price.

“I’m not sure the Chapel controversy is slowing down Netflix.” “It’s very powerful,” he said.

Microsoft Stock (MSFT)
According to William Blair analyst Jason Eder, Microsoft is firing on all cylinders.
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The firm wrote in an investor’s note, “We understand that companies ‘pricing failures, supply chain risks, risk of higher wage-related margins, and fluctuations in commodity consumption trends are likely to increase companies’ earnings prospects.” Is a serious threat. ” October 14

However, Morgan Stanley discovered that earnings news could lift some stocks and turn the tide.

Microsoft is one of the leading clients of the firm. Morgan Stanley has set a price target of 1 331 on the stock, with stronger-than-expected earnings, longer-term guidance and an increase in cloud revenue. On Friday, Technology Behmut’s stock closed at $ 304.21.

Procter & Gamble, which reports quarterly results on Tuesday, was also mentioned by the bank. Analyst Dara Mohsenian wrote, “We expect a solid top line / EPS beat for PG in FQ1, FY EPS guidance will not change.” According to Procter & Gamble, the bank “has a much closer term EPS visibility than its peers”, thanks to strong relative pricing power and clear market share advantages. Analysts set a price target of 1 161 for the stock, which closed at 4 144.42 on Friday.

Morgan called Lamar Advertising the “most attractive” out-of-home investment to play in the US advertising market, and expects record margins and an active M&A period in the second half of the year. It is priced at 5 135 per stock. The stock closed at 9 119.13 on Friday.

Energy stocks.
India’s best energy stocks
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According to the American Clean Power Association, the United States lags behind Europe and Asia in offshore wind generation, with an operational capacity of only 42 MW at present. It is divided into two sites: 30 MW from Block Island Wind Farm and 12 MW from Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind.

According to Heather Zechl, CEO of American Clean Power, the goal of 30 gigatonnes is “ambitious but achievable.” Regulatory barriers remain, and once federal waters are identified, there will be lengthy review processes to ensure they do not endanger wildlife or interfere with military operations. Finally, there is no guarantee that these wind farms will be built.

However, this goal reflects the White House’s commitment to developing renewable energy. There are numerous ways for investors to drive this trend that can prevent small market fluctuations.

The wind exposure is wide.

Global X Wind Energy ETF and First Trust Global Wind Energy ETF provide a wide range of wind development, both on-noise and off-noise.

Since its launch on September 8, the Global X Fund has managed only 3 2.39 million in assets. Northland Power, Vestas Wind Systems, Orested, and China Longyuan are the largest shareholders.

The First Trust Fund was established in 2008 and currently manages approximately 37 370 million in assets. According to the prospectus, 60% of the fund’s portfolio is dedicated to net-playing wind companies, while the remaining 40% is invested in companies that may have other functions.

Top holdings are similar to the Global X Fund, but the weight of each name varies between the two ETFs.


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