Asad Umar takes shots at the Great Britain for refusing to accept Chinese vaccinations

Asad Umar takes shots at the Great Britain for refusing to accept Chinese vaccinations

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Federal Minister for Planning and Development Asad Omar on Thursday ridiculed Britain for not accepting the Chinese vaccine approved by the World Health Organization.

Going to his official Twitter handle, the minister wrote: “The UK has decided that white certificate [and] vaccines are fine but most non-white vaccine certificates [and] are not Chinese vaccines. Despite extensive evidence.

Referring to the UK’s decision to update its travel advisory, Omar asked: “Health ideas or the hangover of the colonial mindset?”

On Wednesday, Britain placed Pakistan on a new “rest of the world” list. Therefore, Pakistan is no longer on the list of countries whose vaccination certificates are recognized in the UK.

Pakistan was removed from the red list and placed on the amber list along with several other countries on September 22, but in the latest travel advisory, the UK said it would work with Pakistani authorities to release the National Database and Registration Authority. The vaccine is working to get the certificate recognized. (Nadra)

According to the changes in the travel advisory, Pakistani travelers should follow these rules:

Get a PCR test within 72 hours before leaving.
Isolate yourself for 10 days upon arrival, or test for release on the 5th day.
Complete Book Day 2/8 PCR test and a passenger locator form.
On the other hand, Pakistanis who are fully vaccinated will not have to take the isolation or pre-departure test after recognizing NADRA’s vaccination certificate from the UK, although they will still have to complete the two-day test. And a passenger locator form is not included in China’s list of synoform and synovik UK approved vaccines. Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson.

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