Friday, July 25, 2014


March 9 2009

Archis is an experimental think tank devoted to spatial and cultural reflexivity and action. Archis is publisher of the quarterly Volume magazine that goes beyond architecture’s definition of “making buildings”. Instead, it reaches out for global views on architecture, broader attitudes to social structures, and creating environments to live in. Its aim is to break open traditional discourses on architecture, allowing for new dialogues on innovative architecture practice.

The estimated actual readership is about 18′000 readers, 58 countries.

Its readers profile are opinion leaders in the arts, architect ure and design, architects, planners and developers, professionals in the building industry, universities and schools of higher education, students, psychologists, sociologists, politicians and trend setters.


How the Gulf cities are reexamining their methods and their relationships with the rest of the world.
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The authoritative resource for understanding the scope of urban development along the Gulf coast.
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Al Manakh is published as special edition of Volume