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A Metro for Kuwait?

August 26 2009


from :
“The current iteration of the design has a total track of 98.7km, with 44.8km (45%) being underground. We will in the future explain the design in much greater detail, dedicating a post to every line and interchange. We will also explore the possibilities for urban renewal as a result of this weaving of a new infrastructure system and emergent nodes. In the meantime, please enjoy the map and we welcome your ideas and comments.

“This is a very exciting project which will no doubt reveal a lot about our beloved city, but we proceed knowing full well the political impotence that has crippled Kuwaiti progress. We have to prove to them and to ourselves that we can imagine a better Kuwait and a brighter future.”

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“A Metro for Kuwait?”
foundation repair dallas

It all looks good but it will take some time


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